In the highly competitive security industry, all companies are not equal. Assets Protection, Inc. is committed to the highest standards. Our management team has a long history with many of our customers. Often we grew with them, which gives us a unique insight into their security needs.

Serving  Pennsylvania  •  New Jersey  •  Maryland

“An employee in our Philly office was fired and he reacted to the news aggressively. He started to shout and cause a scene. Our Assets Protections security guards were able to see the scene on the CCTV and react to the situation. They must receive some form of pacification training, as they were able to subdue the disgruntled employee and diffuse the situation quickly. They escorted the person out of the building and turned a potentially dangerous situation into water cooler conversation. I am thankful for Assets Protection’s quick response to whatever they see on the CCTV. We have a pretty big office in Philly and it’s nice to know that Assets Protection is effectively monitoring their systems. If you are looking for a security agency in the Philly area, look no further than Assets Protection.”
T.C., Philadelphia, PA
“Hiring Assets Protection was the best decision for our Williamsport warehouse. As facility manager, I was tasked with finding the best security agency to secure our facility without breaking the bank. I found Assets Protection on the internet and was pleased to receive a prompt response after filling out their contact form. We scheduled a free security consultation and they came to my warehouse and walked me through all our security challenges and their solutions. With all the features and options that they were suggesting, I was sure that it was going to be out of our price range. But when I received the final quote, I was shocked to see how reasonable they were. After the first few weeks of adapting to new faces in the building, it was like they had always been there. Their staff was very personable and easy to work with. All in all it was the best decision for our warehouse. If you are looking for a security agency, you should really consider Assets Protection.”
D.F., Williamsport, PA
“We are a small warehouse in Harrisburg, and we thought we could skate by with just an electronic alarm system. We had a break in and lost valuable tools and equipment as well as having some of our property damaged. The perpetrators were able to get away before the authorities were able to respond. I immediately looked up a security agency and found Asset Protection, and we scheduled a free security consultation. They were able to put together a comprehensive game plan to fully secure our facility at a fraction of the cost of replacing all the things that were stolen. I was very impressed with their professional and courteous manner. With matters of security taken care of, the work atmosphere became much more comfortable. Assets Protection’s guards were very professional. With them monitoring our facility, everyone was able to focus much more effectively. If you are considering a security agency, look in to Assets Protection.”
D.B., Harrisburg, PA
“I was having problems with my previous security agency. Their employees were difficult to work with and often late. The agency was difficult to reach and unresponsive to our complaints. I was given the green light by our owner to look for a new agency. I called Assets Protection and was pleasantly surprised to speak to a live person a right away. They were able to find the holes in our security and uncovered some areas that our previous agency was not aware of. They also came in less than the amount we were paying. Needless to say it was an easy decision to make. The transition was even smoother than I had hoped for. The guards they sent owere polite and professional and meshed with our employees well. They periodically check in with me to make sure everything is ok. What really puts Assets Protection on top is their customer service.”
A.G., Philadelphia, PA
“We had hired a national security company and were shocked to learn that their guards were stealing from us. It was unfortunate to find out that the group responsible for our safety and security were the people we needed security against. We found Assets Protection online. We were relieved to learn that their guards are fully trained, and there is a level of management to protect against negligence and internal threats. They installed a CCTV system that gave us 24/7 coverage. The security guards were always courteous when I had questions or concerns. I rarely write reviews, but Assets Protection security guards really made a difference.”
A.D., Williamsport, PA