With Assets Protection, Inc., you have the best security option for your Marcellus Shale/Williamsport area refinery. With the new Marcellus Shale region and their potential for natural resources and oil reserves, you need to establish a safe and secure drilling and refinement facility that will last and be secured for the duration of the project. Assets Protection is the foremost security agency for the Marcellus Shale region and is the best situated to handle all your security needs in the Williamsport area. With Assets Protection, you get the best personnel, the best security technology and the best management team that keeps everything running smoothly. Assets Protection will take care of every security aspect of securing your Marcellus Shale drill site and will manage and maintain the security team and technology to ensure that security of your Marcellus Shale refinery is the last thing on your mind.

Assets Protection offers you the perfect combination for securing your Marcellus Shale drill site, knowledge of the Williamsport area, the best security staff, knowledge of the best security technology, and the ability to manage all these elements effectively. With Assets Protection, your Marcellus Shale drill site will be protected so you can focus on your refinery and leave the security to Assets Protection, Inc.