Think you can get by with just a fading ADT sticker in your window and hoping that nothing happens? In this day in age with all the advancements in technology and tools, modern day burglars and thieves are so advanced in the routines; they can break in and get out of your facility before anyone is the wiser. The best way to protect your facility and yourself is to hire an established security agency. Harrisburg’s Assets Protection, Inc. is the best choice for all you facility protection needs. With experience in the field and the area, Assets Protection brings the leadership and local roots to solve your security needs. With Assets Protection, you get qualified security guards, high end security technology at affordable pricing and management to ensure all the pieces work in unison. With Assets Protection, you can rest assured that all your security needs are being met and that you can focus on the other aspects of your facility.

Assets Protection takes away all the cares and concerns associated with your facility security and create a safe and well managed environment to protect the goods of your facility, as well as create a happier environment for your employees. Assets Protection has all the tools of the trade to make sure you are perfectly safe, starting with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems all the way to motion sensor alarms and electronic security locks. Assets Protection will make sure that all your security concerns are taken care of. If you are looking for a top flight security agency in the Harrisburg, PA area, look no further than Assets Protection, Inc.