With Harrisburg’s Assets Protection, you get the best level of care and the highest level of service to take care of all your security needs. Assets Protection understands what a company is looking for when they are choosing a security solution: dependable staff and services, up to date security technology and the management team to tie everything together. Assets Protection has all three. With Assets Protection, you can rest easy knowing that your Harrisburg facility is being taken care of. Assets Protection’s security guards are all trained with the latest security techniques and knowledge of how to effectively use all forms of security technology. Our security guards go through a rigorous training schedule and we only keep the best of the best, to ensure that your Harrisburg warehouse is being taken care of by the best professionals.

With Assets Protection you get the best security guards, the best security technology and the management team that keeps it all running smoothly. Why would you use anybody else? If you have a warehouse or similar facility in the Harrisburg or greater Philadelphia, PA area, look to Assets Protection to take care of all your security and security guard needs.