It’s not enough just to have security guards. Having an effective CCTV (closed circuit television) monitoring system can provide the full coverage that only a 24 hour networked CCTV system can provide. This in conjunction with an effective security guard team, trained in using the CCTV system is a perfect solution for your office security problem. With Assets Protection, Inc. you have the best of both worlds: a fully trained team of security guards and the top of the line CCTV monitoring service to ensure that there are no holes in your security network. With Assets Protection, you have the perfect combination of technology and personnel to give you the full coverage that you are looking for to make your office feel secure. Assets Protection is the premiere solution for office security in the Philadelphia area to ensure that your office building is fully covered and secured. With Assets Protection you get the full package of personnel and CCTV technology to make sure that every aspect of your Philadelphia office is secured.

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