Economic Benefits

The way in which business information is delivered to users has changed significantly in recent years. Companies large and small increasingly rely on strategic business partners and technologies such as “cloud-based” applications and data, instead of deploying their own infrastructure. There are compelling reasons for this shift:

  • Outsourcing selected business functions to a company that specializes in that service enables capital expenditures to be dramatically reduced. The need to purchase and maintain in-house hardware or software is eliminated.
  • The client can then purchase only the services they actually need and use, without having to own the technology platform — which can often become poorly matched to fluctuating requirements.
  • Clients are better able to focus on their own core competencies, not on the daily operation of ancillary services that don’t contribute to their bottom line.

A security system must also deliver business information. And that information is sensitive, time-critical ‒ at times even life-threatening.

Assets Protection, Inc. can provide a state-of-the-art video surveillance system with no up-front investment needed. You specify the level of security your business requires. We supply a turnkey system that delivers it. Assets Protection, Inc. will purchase, install and maintain the equipment. Your facility will be monitored 24/7. And regardless of the system's size or complexity, you pay only a single monthly subscription fee.

System Overview

Assets Protection, Inc. Operations Control Center
  • Each on-premise system is custom designed. It can utilize a variety of precision analytics such as video and thermal imaging, ground radar, infrared cameras and motion detection.
  • Cameras can also be equipped with audio devices, enabling Command Center personnel to speak to trespassers and issue verbal warnings.
  • When triggered, the monitoring system installed at your facility will immediately alert our Central Command Center about the potential breach of security.
  • Upon notification, we verify the surveillance event. We then dispatch an Assets Protection, Inc. security officer on patrol and/or contact local law enforcement.
  • A live video feed can immediately be provided to police dispatch, and to the Mobile Data Terminal inside the responding officer’s vehicle. This feature eliminates false alarm charges.
  • All video is recorded and stored at a secure remote location. It can be easily retrieved, even years later, and used as evidence.

Mobile Command Center

A Mobile Command Center capability is an integral part of every VSaaS video surveillance system installed by Assets Protection, Inc.

You’ll be able to receive instant security notifications directly on your mobile devices, 24/7. Both real-time and recorded video from your surveillance system can be delivered to your iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry screen using secure, encrypted network protocols.

Optimized video and data feeds provide lag-free viewing. You can be sure that what you are seeing at any given moment is happening in real time.

You’ll have this intuitive command center in the palm of your hand, allowing you to monitor your business operations from anywhere in the world. Observe employees, work progress, shipments, deliveries, and on-site employee health and safety issues.

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We've described only some of the unique features and capabilities of an Assets Protection, Inc. VSaaS system.
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