Assets Protection Inc. provides GEMS with every system installation. Guard Electronic Monitoring System (GEMS) is designed to transmit an alarm signal to a central monitoring station if the guard fails to cancel its transmission and pre-programmed intervals. Our management and supervisory staff are immediately notified of an alarm condition and are dispatched to the site to determine the cause so that an appropriate action can be taken. We want your facility to be protected to the utmost degree. GEMS is intended to enhance the reliability of our uniformed security guards and the system as a whole. We want you to know that you are protected.

With Assets Protection, you know that your Williamsport, PA warehouse is protected, not only with trained security staff and experienced management, but with the best technology. With Assets Protection custom GEMS system, your Williamsport warehouse will be the safest it can be, and you can focus on more important things. Let Assets Protection, Inc. be your Guard Electronic Monitoring System (GEMS) solution.