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12 May 2014

Security Management in Williamsport, Harrisburg & Philadelphia

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The Assets Protections, Inc. management team brings expertise in many areas of security. This allows us to give you the service you deserve. The Assets Protections management team has worked with and provided security in many Williamsport, Harrisburg and Philadelphia area facilities. This includes warehouses, ports, office buildings, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, utility installations, and [...]

17 Apr 2014

The Importance of CCTV in warehouse security

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A guard can’t be everywhere at one time, but a well set up network of CCTV’s can. Assets Protection, Inc. specializes in CCTV set up and management. In conjunction with Assets Protection’s security guards, CCTV's can effectively watch and secure your entire warehouse, all of the time. With Assets Protection you have the perfect combination [...]

21 Jan 2014

GEMS, the best monitoring system for your WIlliamsport warehouse

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Assets Protection Inc. provides GEMS with every system installation. Guard Electronic Monitoring System (GEMS) is designed to transmit an alarm signal to a central monitoring station if the guard fails to cancel its transmission and pre-programmed intervals. Our management and supervisory staff are immediately notified of an alarm condition and are dispatched to the site [...]

18 Dec 2013

Does your Philadelphia warehouse meet JCAHO standards?

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Assets Protection Inc. is thoroughly familiar with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) compliance standards in the environment of care. We know the ins and out of JCAHO compliance standards, so let us help you exceed those standards. Assets Protection knows that JCAHO standards are in place to make sure your facility [...]

7 Nov 2013

Is your Philadelphia area warehouse protected?

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At Assets Protection, we know you have valuable inventory in your Philadelphia warehouse. That is exactly why we offer the comprehensive security services you deserve. Whether your warehouse is in Philadelphia, New Jersey or anywhere in the Delaware Valley, we have you covered with the security you want. From intrusion devices, to fire alarm systems, [...]