A fire is a tragedy that usually strikes when you least expect it. Most of the time it’s caused by carelessness. Outdated fire alarm and alert systems and untrained employees are often overlooked issues because it’s assumed that a fire is a rare occurrence. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Let Assets Protection, Inc. provide your fire protection services. Included in our programs are surveys to assess your compliance regarding fire equipment, and with local, OSHA and NFPA codes.

The inspection, periodic servicing and recharging of portable and fixed fire extinguishing systems will ensure readiness in the event of an emergency. Often these fire devices go unnoticed when they aren’t properly working because no one is in charge of monitoring them. As a part of Assets Protection’s fire protection services, training classes are available to instruct your employees in the proper use of this equipment and how to react during a fire emergency. This training is designed to reduce their fears and anxieties, and to instill confidence in the handling of the fire extinguishing equipment. These services are valuable and important in the prevention of a possible emergency.