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11 Mar 2014

Marcellus Shale CCTV security

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It’s no longer enough to have just a group of security guards, it’s important to have the right technology to back it up. Assets Protection, Inc. has the most advanced CCTV technology on the market, plus a full training curriculum to ensure that the security guards are fully trained in the CCTV’s usage. With Assets [...]

12 Feb 2014

The Assets Protection, Inc. difference

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Harrisburg’s Assets Protection is a full service security agency serving the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, including Harrisburg, Williamsport and Southern New Jersey. We offer security guard service, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), electronic surveillance, alarm systems and much more. With satisfied clients all over the greater Philadelphia area, we have the technical and regional know how [...]

23 Nov 2013

Security personnel qualifications

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Do you want a security team that lives up only to minimum standards? The last thing that any company should worry about is the legitimacy of their security program. Security officers with unsuited backgrounds and standards are not acceptable employees at Assets Protection Inc. Assets Protection goes above and beyond just the industry’s minimum standards [...]

23 Oct 2013

Security officer training

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What good is a security team that is not properly trained? The range of security threats is becoming more vast as times change. An appropriately trained security team that stays updated on all possible threats or issues is crucial in today’s world. Assets Protection, Inc.’s training is the key ingredient that determines the overall success [...]

23 Oct 2013

Fire protection services

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A fire is a tragedy that usually strikes when you least expect it. Most of the time it’s caused by carelessness. Outdated fire alarm and alert systems and untrained employees are often overlooked issues because it’s assumed that a fire is a rare occurrence. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Let Assets Protection, Inc. provide [...]