What good is a security team that is not properly trained? The range of security threats is becoming more vast as times change. An appropriately trained security team that stays updated on all possible threats or issues is crucial in today’s world.

Assets Protection, Inc.’s training is the key ingredient that determines the overall success of any security program. Individuals are not born security officers – they must be developed and trained. Training is enhanced through the use of an extensive video library designed for security officers and for supervisors. Security officers are tested for their comprehension of the subject matter including Introduction to security, legal issues, human & public relations, general duties, safety, emergency situations, communications, patrol and fire prevention & control.

The importance of initial training is important, but it’s almost irrelevant if the training and education is not continuously updated. Monthly security updates and continuing education are provided through in-service training videos and written materials. Guard personnel are exposed daily to training information through Visitation Training Supervisors utilizing portable video players. Individuals with specific expertise are often brought in to lecture about specialized topics pertinent to a client site. When Assets Protection, Inc. security officers are a part of your program, you can be assured that your security program is operating at the highest level of efficiency.