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23 Oct 2013

Investigative services

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In today’s society there are dishonest and deceitful employees in just about every industry. Whether these employees steal money or products, use paid company time to conduct illegal activity, or manipulate some kind fraud, the reality is that they exist. Advanced security options now allow you to identify these people. At some point it becomes [...]

15 Aug 2013

Philadelphia investigative services

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Sometimes investigative services may be needed at your Philadelphia facility. Assets Protection, Inc. can conduct these services for you so you don’t have to worry.  We’ll provide investigative services to detect employee fraud, theft, drug possession, vandalism, and many other situations. Assets Protection will handle these situations with tact, but forcefully. Our investigative services, combined [...]

18 May 2013

Harrisburg investigative services

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While Assets Protection, Inc. understands that security is the top priority for your Harrisburg, PA facility, there are times when investigative practices must be put in place to ensure continued safety. Assets Protection provides investigative services to detect employee fraud, theft, drug possession, vandalism and many other incidents. Assets Protection believes that you should not [...]