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video surveillance

13 Mar 2014

Technology is not enough!

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Security Technology is not enough to protect your office or facility these days. It’s important to couple it with security guards to maximize your safety and security. With Assets Protection, you get both: effective CCTV technology, electronic locking and monitoring and the best trained security guards on the market. With today's advancements in technology, it’s [...]

23 Oct 2013

Investigative services

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In today’s society there are dishonest and deceitful employees in just about every industry. Whether these employees steal money or products, use paid company time to conduct illegal activity, or manipulate some kind fraud, the reality is that they exist. Advanced security options now allow you to identify these people. At some point it becomes [...]

17 Aug 2013

Harrisburg remote monitoring

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Have you ever wanted to know what’s happening at your facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Perhaps a remote monitoring system is for you.  Assets Protection, Inc. can offer you the best remote monitoring software so you never have to worry or wonder.  Our remote monitoring software will keep your Harrisburg facility [...]

15 Jul 2013

Harrisburg warehouse security

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Assets Protection, Inc. understands that warehouses are big and therefore susceptible to security issues. We make sure that all security bases are covered and that your Harrisburg warehouse is secure at all times. We will work with you to make sure all critical areas are patrolled, and that those areas are under surveillance. Assets Protection [...]

11 Jan 2013

The importance of technology integration in security

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The world is evolving. Everyday we hear about new forms of technology and advancements in technological fields that will have an impact on our everyday lives. Security is no different. Whenever there is an advancement in security technology, someone is trying to create the means to break it. This constant give and take makes it [...]